ヤツシャハルアーキテクツ(Yatsu Chahal Architects 以下YCa) は、建築デザイン・インテリアデザイン・都市計画デザインを主なサービスとするデザインコンサルティング会社です。東京を拠点として国内外を問わずサービスを展開しており、海外では特に中東諸国での活動に注力しています。





The Establishment

Yatsu Chahal Architects, hereinafter YCa, is a Tokyo based architecture and urban design firm that offers a broad range of architecture, interior design, and urban design services for both the Japanese and International markets. The firm was established in December 2011 by Yatsu Kenji and Karim Chahal, after working together more than eight years for the internationally renowned Japanese architect, Arata Isozaki, where they led various challenging and prestigious projects in Japan, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe.


YCa provides architectural consultancy services for a diverse range of building programs, mainly cultural (museums, theatres), educational, residential (private residences, collective housing), and commercial (offices, hotels, retail, etc.). YCa’s architectural services also cover all the respective design stages for any project, from the concept and schematic design stages until the detailed design and tender stages, in addition to covering the construction supervision stage.

YCa provides also its design and planning services for urban regeneration and new urban development projects, as well as for campus master planning projects.

In addition to the above, YCa offers design and project Management services that are geared specifically towards Japanese Architectural offices involved in projects in the Middle East. These services include the preparation of bid proposals, the preparation and administration of all required contractual agreements for the project, and the management of the design process throughout the lifespan of the project. The founders’ long experience in the Middle Eastern and Japanese markets along with their deep understanding of these two diverse cultures will prove an asset for any Japanese Architectural firm looking to realize their projects in the region.